Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seriously, what's with men and zombies?

Admit it, he's pretty scary.

We all have our fair share of irrational fears. I remember how I despised dolls as a kid. Chucky, for that matter, is given special treatment. He never failed to give me the creeps thinking he is near in-fucking-vincible. It goes without saying that I've outgrown that silliness and it never bothered me again. Until recently, someone I know confided in me that we share the same fear. Only, he never seemed to grow out of it. hohoho :)) still makes me laugh! :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy New Too-Much-To-Mention to me!

I had a pretty rough year. Er... Scratch that. I had a pretty tragic year. Tragic stuff mostly... and then some.

I graduated from college. Yay! No more student work, and a diploma to boot. Yay again! Spent months in review classes. Not much fuss about chasing down clinical instructors for signing, though. I managed to do that in just a few trips to the campus. And I took the NLE, which currently and incessantly keeps my fingers crossed. Experienced my first major heartbreak. Suffice it to say, it put tears to my eyes. But I lived! :P

Been pushed too far and got in a space where my judgment wasn't clouded anymore. Saw things like I never saw them before. Now I know how it feels to get your head off your ass. It makes it possible for rainbows to shoot out of it now.When you finally make it out of that rut, you get to realize how much you can give and how much happiness life has in store for you. Bad things happen so you appreciate the good things when they actually come. Trust me on this. I'm not saying my past was a total mishap, don't get me wrong. It served me well and made me grow the fuck up. I'm just gonna assume that it was my breeding ground for even deeper compassion. hohoho! As much as I'm embarrassed to admit it, I'm such a sucker for love! :D I will always keep in mind some lessons though so I'll be fine.

I'm feeling jumpy as I blog because of that one special person. My "sunshine" after the rain. The best thing that ever happened to me in 2010. I guess it wasn't so tragic after all. I guess now I don't have to love myself alone! :)

There. Now you get the picture of what's hot and what's not in my previous year. Happy New Year, Bitches! :)